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Athletic Director

Miss Balsamo

Click on AthleticClearance.com and create a new profile.  From there you will be prompted to fill out information for the parent/guardian, as well as for the student-athlete.  The ONLY thing that does NOT need to be uploaded is the Sports Physical IF you are doing it on campus on 6/21... All other attachments and information are mandatory for the student-athlete to be cleared for participation for the 2017-2018 school year.  Please also pay close attention to the area that asks if your student is coming in as a transfer (from another high school), if they've attended MHS since the 1st day of freshmen year, or if they are coming in as a new freshman.

​You will be prompted to provide emergency contact and health information, as well as provide electronic signatures for the emergency card, consent to play, transportation, athletic handbook, concussion and sudden cardiac arrest acknowledgements.

​If you come across any issues, please email the errors to me at SBalsamo@tracylc.net so that I can notify tech support.